Our 2018 Walk was a small success thanks to those who pledged to Walk for Life! 

Annual Walk-for-Life Fundraiser

Sponsored Walkers


Liaisons/Churches/Youth Groups/Organizational Groups


1. Inform your group/supporters about the LifeCare Pregnancy Center’s Walk-for-Life and our Mission to raise money to support alternatives to abortion in our communities.

2. Distribute Sponsor Pledge Forms/Pledge Funds Envelopes to those willing to be a “Walker” and collect sponsor pledges.

3. If you are a Church Liaison or Group, provide your bulletin administrator the included Bulletin Write-Ups and Save-the-Date Bookmarks. If you are an Organizational Group, pass out the Save-the-Date Bookmarks to your Organization Members. 

4. If you are a Church Liaison or Group, ask if you can spend 2-3 minutes promoting the LifeCare Pregnancy Center’s Walk-for-Life during Service the same week you post in your Bulletins and distribute the Save-the-Date Bookmarks. Invite members to sponsor a Walker or become a Walker themselves.

5. Ask your Church or Organization if you may have a Pledge table set up for members to easily make a Sponsorship Pledge with the Walker of their choice before/after service.

6. Start recruiting Sponsors and Walkers! Ask your church members, family, friends, teachers, local businesses, anyone you can think of to Sponsor you as a Walker and Pledge Funds to help you raise money for the LifeCare Pregnancy Center. A “Funds” collection envelope is provided for your convenience.

7. The week before the Walk, gather up all your Sponsor Pledge Forms and Funds Envelopes to bring with you (and anyone who can join you) to the Walk. If you cannot make it to the Walk, please let us know at the Center so we can collect the Forms and Funds from you that week and supply the Kid’s Incentive Drawing Slips.

8. Walk-for-Life! Saturday, September 22nd. Registration starts at 9:30 and the Walk begins at 10am. Snacks provided after the Walk and Prizes will be drawn for!

Free-Will Walkers

Reminder to ALL that you don't have to be part of a group of Sponsored Walkers to come support our event! 

If you are able to join us at our Walk you can Register with a Free-Will Donation. Those who donate $75 or more will receive a LifeCare Water Bottle. 

Kids  will receive an entry in our Prize Drawings (valued $50 and up) for ever $25 donated.