Made With Love

The Annual Fundraising Banquet was on Thursday, April 20.  It was a beautiful evening of unity in mind, heart and mission.  Thank you to all table hosts and guests for making this night so memorable; it could not have happened without you!  Thank you to the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, for the long hours and effort put in to this special occasion!  A very special thank you to the financial partners; those businesses who helped to underwrite the costs of this year’s banquet. 


Together we raised $28,002!

Thank You to the Following Businesses:


Ace Hardware                                                   Northern State Bank

Brady Martz & Associates                           Paint & Glass

Cenex                                                                   Paradis Inc.

Central Boiler                                                   Pennington Main/Square

Dondelinger Foundation                             Rehab Authority

Gale E. Schmitz, LTD                                    St. Hilaire Supply Co.

Jim Dagg Insurance Agency                      Sjorberg’s Inc.

Lee’s Sanitation                                               Thief River Falls Ford

Lee Plumbing & Heating                             Thune Insurance

Michael’s Meats                                               BNJ Plumbing

Nordin Realty                                                   Mike & Jodi Englestad

North Fit                                                             Tru North Chiropractic


These businesses partnered with the LifeCare Pregnancy Center to underwrite the costs of the banquet.  Because of their heartfelt donation of $5,264.28, the funds raised the night of the banquet will provide services to women in the midst of crisis pregnancies.  Please keep these businesses in mind when purchasing items and services, as they are solid supporters of Life! 

Our Goal

Our goal was $48,800.  We fell short by $20,798.  Although we did not reach our goal, we have total faith that the Lord will provide us with what we need to do His work.  Please, prayerfully consider supporting this ministry, either with a financial donation or as a volunteer for future fundraising events.

The Guest Speaker

Brenda Pratt-Shafer

Many were touched by our guest speaker’s strength and courage, as she gave an eyewitness account of the now-banned procedure dubbed “partial birth abortion”. 

For her complete story, find her book on Amazon.

The women who shared their own stories moved many more.  We are grateful to all who have prayed for the continued work of the LifeCare Pregnancy Center.  Thank you for supporting this mission!

“In my own words, the LifeCare Center has helped me to be the best mom and realize I have amazing support.  I used to think I would be in it alone.  Then a friend asked if I had called and made an appointment at the Center.  The day I walked in the door, I knew I grew a whole family.  I had just moved to Northern Minnesota and I was getting reconnected with my family up here.  My mom was in Bloomington and I felt scared and alone.  I thought I was just going to go in and learn about babies and earn some free diapers, but instead I learned about babies, got support, someone to talk to and the answer to all of my questions (even if they didn’t know they would find the answer).  Every week I would go into the Center to learn something new.  Most weeks I didn’t have someone to bring with me or people would back out on coming with me to class so the amazing ladies at the Center would help me by spending time watching the videos with me and then just talking about life.  I had a few days where I couldn’t afford lunch, I had no way to borrow money and they would go and find me something they happened to have extra in the fridge.  The LifeCare Center took care of me and my son.  They showed me that I could do it alone if I needed to but I didn’t have to.  They taught me that even though my mom was over 5 hours away by car that she was only a minute away by phone.  They even taught me the confidence to love myself which in turn showed me that I was worthy to be loved by friends and family.  I was able to open up to my amazing boyfriend who stood up to be an amazing dad for my son.  I am no longer alone.  I have my son, the girls at the Center, my mom, my boyfriend, my coworkers, and all of my family.  I am continuing to learn from these girls and I would recommend anyone who is pregnant to go in and just talk with them.”

– Testimony Given at the Annual Banquet

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